Duck on Quack

Duck on Quack (or DoQ) is Austin's second in command he patrols the castle looking for users. He joined the Army so he could destroy the ones who got him banned. He is able to shot sonic blast from his mouth and destroy Wiki's within minutes, extreme caution is advised.


Army of Trolls

DoQ as the commander of an elite regiment of trolls

Duck on Quack is a very racist guy, he is the most racist troll of all the Troll King's servants. Sources from inside the castle, however, have revealed that DoQ is actually a rare black troll, however he is in denial over this.

Family life


Little used to be known about DoQ's personal life, except that he probably doesn't have one, but some years ago it became known he was married to Princess Oksana, who is the sister of Queen Muck of the Trolls. That makes DoQ the brother-in-law of Austin the Troll King. The couple has two daughters, Danilova and Maddy.


DoQ has admitted he only married Princess Oksana for "da monee" and "da powa". Being a complete a-hole, he is unable to really love anyone but himself. His hobbies include:

  • Trolling websites
  • Trolling forums
  • Trolling people IRL, when internet is down or slow or when some other troll steals his PC (trolls totally steal each other's stuff like, ALL the freaking time).