Dr. Paradox


Human mutated by 4th Dimension


Physical 12 Chronological 1000+


I got my code name from the Paradox which says that when on the past you
touch your old self this causes a reaction that can kill you. I was just a kid who love science. I finnish elementary at the age of 5. I ecxelerated to year 4 immediately. Then I finish college at the age of 10. Then, I start experimenting chemicals. MY ULTIMATE WISH IS THE BREAK THE BARIER OF THE 3RD DIMENSION FROM THE 4TH DIMENSION! First I created a jet that is fast enough and strong enough to stand speed of light then I stayed at space for a year then I came back to earth. It is already on the future. Then it happened it is world war 3. I studied at my lab for a long time then I created a Time machine to the past. I had a theory that distroy anything in the past will make the future different. My Time Machine consist of 1000 concentrated laser beams that will cause bending of space time. I entered the portal too 1900. Then I dont know what will I do. One mistake can make the war worst then I decided to kill a butterfly then I went to the true time. The war stop!



  • The first laser gun. It works by pointing a laser at the enemy then it past microwave so hot to burn skin to death. It have the same concept as a tazer.
  • A awesome pocket watch. It have the worls strongest lazer making space time bend only a milisecond.
  • A awesome eye glass. It have a lazer at the side to kill enemys. It can see infrared, heart beats, ultraviolet, night vision and dark matter and energy. You need to be high tech on the future.
  • A teleporter. It converts our data to binary numbers. It works so fast it change our body's data to binary numbers within seconds letting us teleport to North pole to South pole within 1 minutes.


  • A house on fourth dimension. To get to my house you need to bend space time.
  • The best Exosuit like the one I gave to Finn and Jake.


  • Intelligence. He can solve the PI to the 1000000 digits within minutes.
  • He can make a invention within 10 minutes.
  • He never ages. Effects of 4th Dimension


Finn and Jake

He knew him when his pocketwatch teleporter got destroyed. He stayed with them for 2 months. He invented some weapons for Finn and Jake like a Exosuit but it got destroyed after falling down in a lava well.


PB was Dr. Paradox crush. PB help him to fix the teleporter watch.


  • All of the problems on the future