This user is a really cool user like all of the users on here.he is a bad drawer but what he lacks In drawing skills he makes up with his writing abilities and his creativity.he is very independent often going into projects that are not on this wiki.he lives in the same town he was born and raised in wich is Statesboro, Georgia.he Ironicly has british accent even though he lives in the deep south.(eustary to be a episode of the tenth doctor or eleventh doctor on doctor who).he is very rash often going into bets that sometimes he can't win.he is very intelligent with a passion for writing, science, psychology, and history. He is a liberal democrat and often speaks out against policies that violate the first admen dent and often sympathizes with protestors.he owns guns including a shotgun wich he keeps pointed at the door.he was a admin till his brother hacked his account.he solved that by kicking his brother in the groin.he has dirty blonde hair and blue eyes and fair skin.he is five foot six and is 14 years old.he has made six OCs on this wiki.they are silverbane,coley.boyd,Magnus,jarrod(or you can use Jared jarred or Jarod), Symin, and 2