What time is it by xunlucky 13-d48otfh

battle wear

The doctor in adventure time by commonname-d4cxyyo

coley.boyd in his real form

coley.boyd is a user and admin. he is known to be a master of disguise and can be come anyone and anything. he is the spy for the users. he is 15 years old but he can make it look like he is younger or older at will. he is known to love beatles somgs and any rock song to be more exact. heis also very investigative with everything.his nicknames are "sherlock" and "james bond". he loves films done by quintin taritino, christropher nolan, m. night shamalan, michael bay, steven speilberg, john faverau,joss whedon, and george lucas. he is a karate,tawe kwon do, and kung fu master. he is an outlaw in the land of eee because he was framed by austin. even though he was a user and austin was a troll they were once best friends till austin betrayed him and framed him for austin's own crime. now coley.boyd only wants revenge on austin and to bring his empire down to the ground. there is also a mysterious past to him.for some reason he has seen paris gumball and bubblegum before
Hatless Finn by lonelyplushie

coley.boyd removing his hatfrom his "finn" degiuse

and doesn't call them by their normal names instead calling paris "amy", gumball "aron", and bubblegum "amber".


paris:coley.boyd considers paris,gumball,and bubblegum his only friends