Cathy (Cat) Tran the Artist
Name Cathy (Cat) Tran the Artist
Sex Female
Age 14
Species Humanoid
Occupation Artist, Adventurer, Hero
Introduced in Cookie Surprise

Cathy (aka. Cat) is a humanoid that has the ability to make anything she draws come to life.


Cathy is a 14 year old humanoid and she looks exactly like a human. She has medium length black hair with rainbow streaks. She is mostly seen with her sketchpad and a pencil or a paintbrush.


Cathy is mostly described as odd. She doesn't like to fit in but at the same time, cares about what people think of her.

Cathy is mostly quiet arround strangers because she doesn't want to make a bad impression, but with friends, Cathy enjoys talking and sharing stories with others.

In Tower of Terror, Cathy is shown to be curious of many things, no matter how small. Always demanding an answer of every question. She is also shown to stick up for others and is willing to play along to any act.


I have been locked in here, for who knows how long. Each night and day, I been kept in this cage they call home. I was not an animal, I wanted to be free, but that wish was very selfish. I was told I was lucky to be here, lucky to be alive. I didn’t belong here, but I couldn’t leave. I can’t go.

My father is a scientist. He was experimenting with some chemicals to make a secret weapon capable of mass destruction. He wanted something useful but instead, he got me. He then raised me as my own. Teaching me to be evil, to kill without mercy. I followed my father’s order and did as I was told. He would give me a pat on the back and a smile and I knew everything would be alright. His smile made me feel like I was here for a reason, like I wasn’t a failure.

That was, until I met (someone's name here). He was very myserious and I didn't know who he was. He told me that I could be anything I wanted to be, that I don't deserve to be evil and that I didn't have to be what my father wanted me to be. That I was free. Those word hit me. I didn't want to be like this. I wanted to help people, not make them suffer. Those words helped me realized that I wanted to make people smile. When I turned around to ask him who he was, he was gone.

The next day, I told my father that I didn't want to be evil. He was not happy. He told me that, " I created you, and I can destroy you." He told me that I was his, he said that he owns me and I have to do whatever he wants...or i'll suffer the consenquences. Out of fright, I locked myself in my room for days, refusing to come out. All I did all day was draw, it helped me forget all my problems. That day, I discoved something special. Everything that I drew, came to life. I did not tell my father because I fear he will use it to destroy everything. I lived like that for weeks, drawing anything that I needed to survive but my father wanted me out of the room. He said to get out and do what he says or he will kill me. I had no choice but to run. I was tired of doing what he says, and ruining people's lives.

I jumped out the window and ran for my life. Then, I took out my sketchpad and quickly drew a horse. I rode it far away from the house and into the woods. I camped there for weeks, away from worries, away from my father. Then, I started to notice something strange. I went to investigate and I must of passed out or something because when I woke up, I was in an unknown place. The people called it the W.C.C and they were very friendly to me. I was so confused. I'm evil, why are they treating me with such kindness?. They replyed as if reading my mind, " You're not evil". Those word rang in my ear. You're not evil. You're not evil. I'm not evil...


  • Drawing (whatever is drawn comes to life)
    • Pencil/Paintbrush- Cat usually uses the pencil to make things appear
    • Eraser- Cat uses the eraser to make something disappear


Father- Cathy does not like her dad. She ran away from him months ago and has been hiding from him.

Ice King- Cathy is good friends with the Ice King (probably his only friend besides Gunther)

Marcelina- Cathy looks up to Marcelina as a role model and admires her. She thinks Marcelina is one of the coolest people ever.

Alice- Cat consiters Alice her bestest of the bestest friends (along with Paris). She says Alice is one of the coolest people ever. Also Cat likes Alice's cat Booboo too (get it? xD )

Marshall- Cat and Marshall are great friends. They hang out alot and have jam sessions together.

Kitten Princess- Cat and Kitten Princess are great friends, because Cat doesn't mind when Kitten Princess is doing something most people would think be annoying.

Prince Gumball- She likes to help him bake =D

Todd- Cat doesnt hate Todd, but she doesnt like him either. She tries her best to help him as much as possible

Sam- Cat and Sam are extreeeeemely close friends. Although they are almost complete opposites, they are the best of friends.

Paris- Cathy seems to like Paris alot because they have simular personalities.

Aaron- Usually good friends

AK- Cat and AK are good friends

More to be added


  • Cat is ambidextrous and could draw using both hands
  • She can spit an arrow with an arrow with an arrow...
  • Cat can draw and paint a portrait with the same quality as the Mona Lisa in 20 minutes
  • More to be added...


Favorite food: Ice Cream

Favorite Animals: ALL THE ANIMALS, but I like turtles the best.

Favorite Color: All the colors!!!!!!!!!!!

Friends: Ice King, Beemo, Finn, Jake, Fionna, Cake, Marceline, Marcelina, Alice, Booboo, Molly, Marshall Lee, Prince Gumball, Lord Mochro, Lady Rainicorn, Silver, Aaron, James, Kitten Princess, Sam, Ember, More to be added....

Enemies: My dad, Aaron, more to be added...


Under constuction!!! Happy Smoothie and M.O.T.M gave me permition so dont yell at me please.