Cat Fight
Cat Time








This is an episode after AT: The Wraith of Austin


Isabella and Booboo try beat Rob-o in a bet.





It starts out as the users are chillin at the WCC, when Rob-o and Isabella are talking to eachother Booboo comes in.

Booboo: Hows it goin guys?

Isabella: Fine, what about you Rob-o?

Rob-o: Yeah I'm good, just finished beatin those cyclops...

Booboo: Hmmm, well okay... I'll be in the litterbox.

Robo-o: To much infomation!!!

Isabella: Hahaha!!!

Rob-o: Oh shut up you stupid cat!

Isabella: HEY! Cats aren't stupid! Unlike you slobbery gross dogs!

Rob-o: Excuse me, but I'm a ROBOT dog!

Isabella: That's still a dog!

Booboo walks in

Booboo: I'm back, what I miss?

Isabella: Well, Rob-o says that cats are stupid.

Booboo: WHAT?!

Rob-o: Want a bet? To see who's better, I challenge you to an abillity contest!

Booboo: Peice of cake! I have a hidden abillity that's totally AWESOME!!!

Isabella: Me too! I think...

Rob-o: BRING IT ON!!! >:D

They leave the WCC and go to a field to start the contest

AK1: The judges here (Alice,Paris, and Finn) will decide who's better, cats or dogs.

Rob-o: Hold on! I'd like to be accompanied with someone also...JAKE THE DOG! >:D

Booboo/Isabella: WHAT?! CHEATER!!!

Rob-o: Its not cheating, 2 vs 1 isn't fair so I get to pick another dog to help me win. >:D

Jake: (confused) Uh whats going on?

AK1: Okay, Isabella, show us your skills.

Paris: (in the background) OH YEAH BABY!!!! GO ISABELLA!!! :D

Isabella does a flip very bright then changes to human, then back to cat and does something very epic that I cant explain.

Isabella: Top that dog!

AK1: Next is, Jake!

Jake: okay?

Jake shapes into a bright angel and then other marvalous shapes that also cant be explained

Jake: Is that good?

Finn: (in the background) YEAH!!! GO JAKE!!!

AK1: Next, ROB-O!!!!

Rob-o's metal body shines brightly while doing awesome things like flying in the air with a jetpack! So awesome!

Rob-o: Yeah!!!!

AK1: Last is Booboo!!!

Alice: BOOBOO!!!! (screams with awesomeness)

Booboo: I'll show you dogs!

Booboo turns into a dragon and flys in the air, just as awesome as Rob-o just soooo cool. Then turns back into a cat

Rob-o: (In amusement) OH MY GOSH! THATS YOUR POWER?!

Booboo: Yup

AK1: Don't worry Rob-o, the judges are counting up the scores...

Paris: Well, since all of you guys did AWESOME!!!! (and even though this contest is very unessesary) All of you are winners! :D


Isabella: Oh shut up, its good that we all won! :D

Rob-o: Yeah, you're right we shouldn't be fighting over this. Hey, where's Booboo?

Booboo is licking his butt (yeah, he's a boy) and then notices everyone staring at him

Booboo: (in embarressment) Um, do you mind?

Everyone starts laughing as the scene ends



  • Isabella is in cat form for the whole episode
  • This is Booboo's first appearance
  • While AK1 is talking, Katie and Andy can be seen in the background playing video games
  • Booboo actually is a normal cat because he actually got his hidden power from an accidental spell (obviously by Alice)