Card Wars2

A game of Card Wars being played by Finn and Jake

When the game starts, two players get approximately 10-20 cards. There are two stages to a turn: a floop stage and a battle stage. A player may take any building card and floop it (turn it to the left) to appear as holograms on the board. Buildings have special effects which can aid the player using them. There are only two known elements of the game, which are corn and learning. Corn cards happen to be powered by corn fields, which are given to the player at the start of the game. Learning cards are powered by intelligence, so a player could send someone to learn, and in turn, that person will receive power. There are three segments of the players' land: the land, a mud pit, and an empty field. A player may select a creature and either activate it (turn it to the right) to make it attack one or more of the other player's creatures, or floop it to use its special ability. A player can also use activation to make a creature learn. Before beginning a turn, a player must discard a card from his or her hand and pick up another card from his or her deck. The player that loses all of his or her creatures at the end of his or her turn first loses the game.&nbsp Card wars is played by a number of people in adventure time, including: Finn, Jake, Aaron Zellesh, (list your character after the previous one if your OC plays card wars)

Card wars decks are constructed similarly to constructing a magic: the gathering deck.


Card wars decks are focused around a single element, i.e. Corn, Learning, nature, etc.

The Element of Corn

Played by: Jake the dog

Known Corn Cards

  • Silo of Truth
  • Wandering Bald Man
  • Archer Dan
  • Husker Knights Useless Swamp
  • Cornfield
  • Field of Nightmares
  • Leigon of Earlings
  • Teleport
  • Reclaim Landscape Immortal Maze Walker
  • Field Reaper

The Element of Learning

Played by: Finn the Human

Known Learning Cards

  • Pig
  • Cool dog
  • Ancient Scholar
  • Cerebral Bloodstorm
  • Schoolhouse
  • Mountains
  • Spirit Tower,
  • Cave of Solitude,
  • Blue castle

The Element of Nature

played by: Aaron Zellesh

The element of nature is an element in card wars that was developed by Aaron Zellesh as a means of him getting some more creative play, and he achieved this by creating a card wars deck consisting of cards that he himself developed.

The Element of Darkness

Played by: Marshall Lee the Vampire King

This is the element Marshall Lee uses in any game of Card Wars created with magic and meant to be a very powerful element there are 15 cards 4 of them he uses at the end as finishing moves


Played by Alice

This element was custom made for Alice as a gift from Aaron. There are 10 known cards and 5 secret ones. Also is based off of skylands and other sky sources

Time and Space

Played by Silverbane

This is a powerful element meant to destroy creatures and convert to his side with magic and creatures

Known Time and Space Cards


Played by Symin

This element has plenty of heroes and magic that is meant to destroy creatures and it has a special card in there that is extremely powerful Cards:Hero up:summon all heros

Civilian:an turn into a hero or judge

Judge:allows you to draw jail time

Man bat:don't even try fighting me be cause I am bat man I mean man bat

Omega man:can use his laser eyes super will super strength a d flying to give the controller a huge advantage

Abraham Lincoln:kills vampires Imeditly and you can draw strange penny

Strange penny:allow you to use secret weapon

Secret weapon:itsa secret

Supersecretweapon:to summon this it must be after your tenth card and you you have sacrificed all your land cards and your secret weapon and you have sacrificed three other creatures

Courthouse:draw judge

Police headquarters:common a hero

Skyscraper:powers up all heros

Justice hall:power ups all heros

Hero fortress:power ups all heros

Jail time:destroy a creature

New leaf:take control of a creature

Heroic recharge:recharge all heroes

Heroic revival:revive all heros

Dark man:can blind creatures and drain their energy

Light girl:can blind creatures and damage them


Played by AK1

This element deals with the power of the solar system.


Competitions may be held between users and OC's, past and future dates will be listed, and dates that have an asterisk infront of them are dates of competitions that have been completed or expired. winners and losers will be posted next to completed dates.

List of Competitions

User and OC decks

you can list the element and cards of your deck here:

Aaron Zellesh, Nature:

(developing cards)

Marshall Lee the Vampire King, Darkness:

  • Card 1-King of the Vampires: Summons a miniature replica of Marshall to play as in the game
  • Card 2-Moonbow: A rare black rainbow seen in the night sky that removes up to 5 enemies' energy all at once
  • Card 3-Apple Tree: Restores King of the Vampires' energy,health, and power
  • Card 4-Dagger storm: A cloud falls apon the enemy lands and it's defenders,leaving it vulnerable to attack
  • Card 5-Random Chicken: Very, are 95% positive to be distracted
  • Card 6-Chill Pill: Enemy starts to calm down by magik
  • Card 7-The sound of defeat: King of the Vampires strums his ax-bass and it emits a deafening/weakening sound
  • Card 8-Inconvenient puddle of water: enemy has to walk around this inconvenient puddle and takes up more time
  • Card 9-Black Knight Army: Black knight army apeears and defends all of King of the Vampires' land
  • Card 10-Ultimate Weapon: King of the Vampires' ax-bass is upgraded to Demons-Ax2.0
  • Card 11-Volcano: a volcano is a mistake...only use it if you want to transform your land into a volcanic fortress
  • Card 12-Ninja: ninja can only be defeated if the controling player is beat,making it difficult to destroy
  • Card 13-Cloud of Bloodmist: zaps some stuff and flies around
  • Card 14-A penny(summons Card 15): A strange card that's soul purpose is to summon a new card(Card 15)
  • Card 15-Secret Weapon: Still...a...secret...

Alice the Wizard, Sky:

  • Attack Cards:
    • Card 1-Rainbow Vortex: Swallows other player's land
    • Card 2-Star Gazer: Reveals other player's cards
    • Card 3-Rain Cloud: Just....rain
    • Card 4-Death Storm: Automaticly kills other player's character/card
    • Card 5-Heat Wave: Destroys other player's deck/land
  • Character Cards:
    • Card 6-Lightning Queen: Summons lightning bolts to attack other player
    • Card 7-Energy Cat: Steals other players energy
    • Card 8-Night Wizard: Makes other player's deck pitch black for a whole turn
    • Card 9-Invinsibility Knight: invinsible knight can attack
    • Card 10-Falcon of Annoyance: Constantly pecks on other player
  • Structure Cards:
    • Card 11-Regaining Source of Silence: Player may charge card/character to gain power without being disturbed/attacked
    • Card 12-Tower of the Phenoix: Player can summon Phenoix from its tower to destroy other player's structures
    • Card 13-Hidden Castle: Castle hidden by fog in which hides cards from other player
    • Card 14-Power Throne: Gives Lightning Queen power. If destroyed, she will loose power
  • Land Cards:
    • Card 15-Under Valley
    • Card 16-Cloud Garden
    • Card 17-Sunlight Tower
    • Card 18-Snow Patch
  • Other:
  • Card 19-A Sunny Day: revives all land, characters/cards and everything if destroyed
  • Card 20-The Blizzard Cometh: Switches card deck with other player

AK1, Solar

Effect Cards

  • Card 1: Solar Wind: Uses powerful winds to stun enemies activated for one turn
  • Card 2: Dark Matter: Encases enemies in darkness
  • Card 3: Comet: Rains comets on enemies that are activated
  • Card 4: Earth: Shakes Land destroying structures.
  • Card 5: Mars: Sends food down to heal the activated cards
    • Second Move: Sends a war army
  • Card 6: We Come in Peace: Skips Opponents Turn.

Character Cards

  • Card 6: Aliens: Activate: When activated an alien attacks using a laser gun to attack.
    • Second move: Probes
  • Card 7: Astonomer: Predicts opponent's next turn.
    • Second Move: Reverse Engineer's
  • Card 8: Jupiter sends lightning to destroy the enter playing land
    • Second Move: Regenerates Land
  • Card 9: Neptunes: Sends water at a target.
  • Card 10: Pluto: Kills all character cards of opponents
  • Card 11: Saturn: Reverse a specific turn

Structure Cards

  • Card 10: Space Ship: Flies rocket to other side to steal an opponets Card
  • Card 12: Space Station: Acts as a Cave of Solitude
  • Card 13: Red Storm: A tornado
  • Card 14: Sun: Heats ups oppoents land
  • Land Cards
    • Card 1: Water Trench
    • Card 2: Earth Mountain
    • Card 3: Fire Pit
    • Card 4: Air Cloud
    • Card 5: Tree Forest