Calpurnia, Meriad queen of the Ocean Kingdom


Calpurnia's golden/rainbow tail shows her wealth greatly. Her crown is bright silver (used to be) with streams of rust. Also, her attached sea weed leaves act as hair ribbons/bows. She has a mermiad form of scoliosis, which makes her tail align like a sea horse. She uses special conditioner made of crushed pink and brown seashells, and reddish blue flowers, to get her hair so sleek and beautifully long. She also has brown highlights added to her hair if you look along the rims, it's because of the seashells. The pale blue flower in her hair, and the blue seashell on her fish scale bra indicates she is from the blue side of the kindom, the blue side is the strongest side so she has a rainbow tail. The long ribbons with an attached bow are accesories. She watched Ariel and needed her hair

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    Nerd Ariels.

    Yo, when you nerdy W/ THE GLASSES, iz swag-diddle-icious.