The Caeruleus Virgo (blue maiden) was a seaworthy vessel designed by Aaron Zellesh to be used as a flagship in his phantom armada for the purpose of causing mischief during the events of ATVN: season 2

The Ship

The vessel itself is a semi-phantom powered vessel designed by Aaron Zellesh himself. It is powered by phantom workers which turn several clock geared turners to activate certain functions about the ship, i.e. dropping the dual anchors, opening doors, firing cannons, and dropping and raising sails. The ship also sports many luxury areas such as a grand dance room, many luxury suites, four pools, grand hall dining area, a grand galley, and a classic shadow theatre. all these areas will be told in greater detail in the "ship tour" section. These are only the ships standard functions, but due to the ships magic anything can be conjured, including volleyball, shuffleboard, etc. the blue maiden can also be outfitted with phantom cannons for combat purposes.


overall ship hight: 75 feet

overall ship length: 1,500 feet

overall passenger capacity: 300 passengers

work force: 200 workers

colors on the ship: black, purple, white, gold, red

Ship Tour- Main Deck

The ships main deck is the top deck of the vessel. it sports luxurius fire proof phantom sails, and floating candles are above the deck that glow with purple magical fire, adding a nice purple glowing hue to the deck during the night. the main deck has a pool and hot tub in the center of the deck for nice weather. these are sealed up in the cold. the main deck also features bone guard rails, so that passengers dont fall off. phantoms stand by on this deck to open various hatches and power the turnstyles that lower the dual steel anchors. magic candles mounted on the bow of the ship form a sort of headlight glow. the masts come out of the main deck and are held sturdy by bone bracers, but ultimately go through the rest of the ship. a staircase leads to the bridge, and hatches that are opened by phantoms lead down into the next deck. A door at the back of the boat leads to the captains cabin and customer service office.

Captains Cabin

Customer Service Desk

The customer service deck is located behind the door under the bridge. It is where all passengers are required to go upon boarding the ship, so that they can recieve their all access ship passes.

Ship tour- Bridge

The bridge of the vessel sports more floating candles, and a phantom- fabric tarp that covers the ship's wheel and surrounding bridge. the tarp is fireproof, so the candles wont burn it. The captain and any other crew or passengers on the bridge can see the entire main deck from the bridge. a staircase leads down to the main deck from the bridge.

Ship Tour- Second Deck

The second deck is lit with magical candles stationed in torch holders instead of floating candles. it is also lined with a purple rug with a golden patterned outline. this deck features a galley and dining hall, as well as the guest rooms and third and fourth pools.


The galley is where Most of the phantom work force prepares magical meals for the passengers. Passengers will go here to retrieve their food if they wish, and will then report to the grand dining hall to dine on their meals. The galley Has two rows of several magical containers from which anyone can pull any food out of, i.e. an endless amount of burgers, ice cream, etc.

Grand Dining Hall

the grand dining hall is a massive dining area consisting of a long table lined by luxurious seating and tablecloth. the grand dining hall is riddled with floating magical candles.

Guest Rooms

The guest rooms are manned by phantoms that require you to show your Identification All purpose pass to in order to gain access to your room. the rooms themselves are quite lavish, including a fountain bath and your own personal phantom butler. The beds are king size and feature bone headboards. Guest rooms are also customizable.


the pool area will be drawn to show you what the pools look like, because it really would be a pain to describe the positioning of each pool. the largest pool is the actual pool, consisting of saltwater and functioning as a wave pool. the smaller water body is the hot tub. near the pools is a gaming area. Phantoms stand by as life guards and gaming assistants.

Ship Tour -Third Deck

The third deck of the deck contains the shadow theatre. Rows upon rows of seats lead to a bone stage accented by black curtains lined wiht a purple and gold rim. entertaining dramas are performed here.