Booboo is Alice's pet cat. He is white with black ears and a black tail. He also has a magical power to transforn into a dragon (as shown in Cat Time). His personality is very joyful, much like Alice's personality.

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Booboo appears to be a small, fluffy white cat. He has black ears and a black tail. His shape and style resembles of how Cake the cat looks. Lastly he has big blue eyes which are sometimes a pale purple color.


  • Booboo is based off of Alice the Wiz's real-life cat.
  • In real life, he is much more detailed than in cartoon form.
  • Booboo actually got his dragon power from an accidental spell by Alice.
  • In many art, Booboo is mostly shown with purple-ish eyes
  • He craves rainbow fish and likes to prank Alice (as shown in the gallery)
  • In the original, Adventure Time, there is another character named Booboo that is ghost who's friends with Marceline