Army of Trolls

His scary army of trolls is feared all around the world

Austin the troll king is the king of trolls and plans to destroy the Adventure Time Wiki. His wife is Muck, the Troll-Queen. Shown in, AT: The wrath of Austin, he does not like Muck's brother in law, Duck on Quack. He doesn't really like Muck either, as he is easily bored with his wives, and Muck is his third. The other two didn't end up very well. His nieces also annoy him, as does his sister-in-law, Princess Oksana.

Austin also has evil wiki contributer minions that suck souls from users. Austin is also keeping Fionna and Cake hostages at his castle, later in the story. He has an army of trolls and slave servants do all the work for them in his Castle. One of his hobbies is throwing people that annoy him off the Castle Walls or from the Tower Balcony. One of his most powerful allies is the mysterious Court Wizard.

He commands an army of trolls. He is also:

  • ...a lean, mean fighting machine.
  • ...a lover & a fighter
  • ...a dancing queen
  • ...evil scientist
  • ...a clueless shish-kabob