"You're such a butt nugget" -Alice
Name Alice
Sex Female
Age 13 (300 in wizard years)
Species Sky Wizard
Occupation Hero, Adventurer, Wizard
Relatives Breeze
Voiced by Violet Sole Closs Farley(Wraith of Austin) Isabella Acres(Series)

Alice (full title: Alice the wizard) is a Sky Wizard who was a evil slave to the trolls. Some people think that she's related to either Finn or Fionna. She's mostly known for her artistic skills and abillities (such as flying). She also has a pet cat named Booboo.


Alice has long, blonde hair and usually wears a lot of blue. Sometimes her hair is frizzy and big (like in her "cold" outfit). She wears different outfits in most episodes. Her initial outfit is a long, blue, hooded cape with a light blue jewel. The shadow of her cape doesn't show what she's wearing under at most times, but is shown to be just blue pants and white flats. She also wears a headband with the same jewel as the one on her cape. She always has the jewel on any of her outfits, it may be a symbol of her religion. On other occasions she wears:

  • Fancy: Long, blue, strapless dress (jewel) with white shoes and hair waved with a flower in hair
  • Casual: Finn t-shirt, Lady Rainicorn scarf (jewel), skinny jeans and white converse (though shoes are not shown in picture)
  • PJs: Hair in ponytail (jewel), light blue sweats with any t-shirt (usually a white t-shirt with a cat on it)
  • Cold: Ear muffs or beanie, white shirt with blue vest (jewel), jeans and boots and frizzy hair
  • Hot: Blue sunglasses (jewel), light blue hooded t-shirt, white shorts, and blue sandals
  • Swim Suit: Blue one-piece swim suit and blue goggles (jewel)
  • Party Time: Same as casual (Finn shirt, LR scarf, skinny jeans, white converse), but 3D glasses, rainbow leg warmers, rainbow wristband, and rainbow cat ears

On the episode, "Who's Your Valentine?". For the LSB Alice wears an aqua, light green, and royal blue colored LSB jersey with the number 3 on it. She wears similar clothing to her summer clothes, such as light green shorts, (possibly) the same blue sunglasses, blue sneakers, and a small blue #1 glove. Interestingly, she does not seem to have her "jewel" on her outfit.


She was a slave to the trolls for most of her life, which is how she got her "evilness" in her. Then she escaped and met Booboo and stayed in the HOLDING for a while, because of hiding from trolls. Until she met the gang and moved into the Cloud Kingdom.


Alice would be mostly described as a mysterious, but friendly personality. Much like Marcelina's or Marceline's personality actually. She is funny and nice, but sometimes has some evil in her. This is possibly because she was a slave to the trolls long ago. Like Fionna, she is very tomboyish.

Abilities (So far at least)

Alice has many powers shown in the series. They all depict either air, wind, lightning, or other weather abilities. Wind storm- Blows enemy far away with a touch of lightening

Air shield- The name says it all (shields attack. duh)

Eagle's wing (cool name huh?)- Super duper ball of magical power that instantly injures the enemy when thrown. Wings of an eagle appear when the ball is thrown.

Lightening rush- Shocks enemy



Ultimate Wiz-Alice's ultimate form where can kill enemies instantly

Ultimate Wiz

Alice in "ultimate wiz" form

Flying- What do you think???

Mist-misty wind thing....

Relationships (Friends)


Paris and Alice are great friends! They usually hang out with each other all the time, since Booboo and Isabella are friends too. They have a lot in common with each other. They may be best described as best friends.


Alice is mainly Booboo's best friend, though she is always argueing with him. Mostly because of his messiness, as scratching the furniture or throwing up hair balls. This is mostly shown in "To Bet or Not To Bet".

Marshall Lee

Alice and Marshall are good friends, although they don't react much. She is sometimes frightened by his scary faces though.


Alice thinks of AK1 as a brother and both are great pals, though Booboo and Rob-o dont get along. They usually are in the weapon room or magic room at the WCC together.


Alice is also great friends with Marcelina too. Probably because they both have magic abilities. They react alot in the series.

Lollipop King

Just like as Paris does, Alice holds a grudge with Lollipop King. Though in "Dreams of the Stalker Next Door," they might have some sort of past or relationship. He is trying to come after her, though its unknown why.


Alice looks up to Finn. Though Alice states that she does not have a crush on anyone, she somewhat adores him.


Alice is shown to very much like Beemo. In fact, Beemo is sometimes seen at Alice's house. According to the user, Alice the Wiz, Alice usually invites Beemo over.


Though not shown in the series yet, Cathy and Alice seem to be the best of friends, besides Paris. They both really love art and use magic.


  • She will appear in AT:The Wraith of Austin Belt.
  • Her peach-colored skin and blonde hair mistakes other people for her being human
  • She has a brother named Breeze as stated be Alice the Wiz, but he would unlikely appear in the series.
  • Even though some people think that she's related to Finn (or Fionna) however she secretly has a crush on Finn, which could mean that she's not related to him
  • She was originally going to be an elf.
  • She is obsessed with cats, hamsters, and squirrels.
  • Alice is based on her creator (Alice the Wiz)
  • She has a magic pouch under her cape
  • It is still unknown who is going to voice her for the series or even the movie
    • She is going to be voiced by Violet Sole Closs Farley (who voices Penny) for the movie. And for the series is going to be Isabella Acres (who voices young PB)
  • She is 13 years old but is actually 300 years old because in wizard years
  • She may have some sort of past with Lollipop King (as shown in Dreams of the Stalker Next Door)
  • Her outfits vary from episode to episode
  • In her magic pouch she has some coins, diamonds, a candy bar, and unknown powder (possibly magic dust or whatev)
  • According to the writer, Alice the Wiz, Alice has an evil clone of her. Though its unlikely for it to appear
  • Alice sometimes has (and pays) Princess Bubblegum make her special clothes. Such as her Finn shirt or LR scarf
  • She is OBSESSED with pie too
  • She probably has more evil in her then good due to her personality in the series so far
  • According to Alice the Wiz, more of Alice's back story with be shown in Season 2
  • She is the oldest character out of the gang so far (besides Marshall Lee and Marceline)
  • User, Flame Prince Finn created a picture of Alice eating ice cream with Gunter (as shown in the gallery)


  • Fave food(s): Ice cream
  • Fave color(s): Blue and green.
  • Fave animal(s): Cats, Squirrels, and hamsters :D
  • Fave ice cream flavor(s): Key lime sherbet, Oreo cookie, and strawberry cheesecake
  • Friends: Paris, Booboo, Isabella, Duck on Quack (kinda), Marshall Lee, Marceline, Katie, AK1, Andy, Marcelina, Finn, Fionna, Cake, Jake, LR, LM, PB, PG, Shana, LSP, LSPrince, Me-Mow, Fire Wizard, Ice Prince, Coco Cat, Gunter, Chocolate Girl, Luna the Vampire and Party God
  • Enemies: Breeze, Ice King, Ice Queen, Snail, Lich, Lollipop King, Flame Princes (I CANT STAND HER!!!), Pinky, Troll King, (Muck) Troll Queen, Trolls (I NEVER FORGET WHEN I WAS A STINKING SLAVE!!), Wikia Contributors, Pervy middle schooler, Perves, and people who don't like Adventure Time!!!!!!!