Alice's house is Alice the wizard's home. It floats above the WCC on clouds (due to Alice being a sky wizard) in the Cloud Kingdom. Alice and Booboo usually go and sleep at the WCC though.


It's a small blue castle that sits on a cloud and floats above the WCC. It resembles a house in a way. It appeard to be a house because it has a wooden door, chimeny, and a deck too. There's also a lantern hanging by the door that most regular houses have.

Inside Alice's house has many unusual spectacles; like the secret room. Most likely on the effect that she is a sky wizard.


The rooms in her house are;

Lliving room (1)

Kitchen (1)

Bathroom (1)

Bedroom (1)

The bedroom is a small blue room with various things. Alice sleeps on a floating cloud with blue pillows, while Booboo usually plays/sleeps on his scratch tower located on the side of the room. Alice also has a giant panda bear (a gift from Paris), and a white desk (which Alice uses to draw/read) with a blue swivel chair. Next to Alice's bed is a tall lamp with stars and a coat hanger with her cape hanging off. Various pictures of Alice and the gang are hanging on the wall (including Booboo) and there's a sliding door to the porch on the side. (as not seen in the picture) There's a white dresser with little items on it and a closet. Lastly there's a rainbow carpet.

Secret room, located in the attic that holds her magical stuff (1)

Alice's house


Alice and Booboo