Aaron Zellesh's house is located within the nightosphere in a secluded section, but it is estimated that Aaron wishes to move his house inot Ooo or Aaa for the sake of simpler access. Aaron's house is an elaborate cliff face house, consisting of some glass walls and doors. his house contains many collection items from the pre-war era, and also many other things, including written works written by Aaron himself. His house is also warm and comfortable, due to the magical fires burning in the fireplaces.


Aaron's house contains not very many rooms, as he is almost never at his house due to the fact that he is wandering in other places in Ooo or Aaa.

Entryway: Aaron's entryway is simple, and contains two small statues which are placed so that they face the person coming in. Also on the wall are a few wethered paintings, most likely from the pre-war era. a short hallway leads to the kitchen, as well as another that leads to the study.

Kitchen: Although he doesnt eat often, Aaron's house sports a kitchen that contains a range, broken refrigerator, and is surrounded by counters, and has an island in the middle, which is often used as an eating table, and a gaming table. a hallway leads off to the entryway, along with another that leads to the den.

Den: Aaron's den is where he does alot of his sleeping, writing, and drawing. off in the second quadrant of the room is his bed, which has black outer covers, red inner sheets, and a sewn pillow depicting the picture of an open book. across from his bed is a fireplace, which is scorched purple due to all the magical fire that Aaron has burned in it. beside the fireplace is another pre-war painting. across from the painting is a chair with a small table beside it. a doorway leads off the kitchen, and another leads to Aaron's study.

Study: Aaron's study acts as the house's central room. the study contains a desk on the back wall, which is lit by two torches that constantly burn via magical fire. off to the right, a podium contains an open map that Aaron uses to record and plan his travels. indentations in the walls contain small statues, and there are few paintings in this room. Hallways lead off to the den, and another leads off to the entryway. Another hallway leads off to the library.

Library: Aaron considers this to be the best room in his house, as he had James the half wizard to enchant the bookshelves for him, so that the book shelves expand when more books and trinkets are placed in them. the one bookshelf goes around the whole room's perimeter. in teh center of the room is a podium containing an open blank book, that is big enough to be an atlas. its pages are golden and empty, but it is surrounded by glowing gold particles. it is considered to be one of the most sacred and prized items in Aaron's library. other literary works and trinkets are listed here:

(literary works being written)

The Tale Of The Sand Castle

The Lonely Traveler


lol, currently writing these works...