• AK1
  • Marshall Lee
  • Alice
  • Marcelina
  • Isabella
  • Rob-0


(The episode starts with hoard of trolls attacking the WCC. Everyone is defeating trolls with ease except AK1. The users win the fight.)

Marshall: Okay, good fight guys; now let’s go get some ICE CREAM!

Everyone: ICE CREAM!

(After getting Ice Cream AK1 is bummed out.)

Alice: Come on we’ve got a mission in the desert.

AK1: What’s the point, I’m just going to hold everyone back.

Alice: What do you mean?

AK1: Well I’ve noticed I’m the only one without a special ability

Alice: Well this mission might cheer you up. You get to drive the helicopter.

AK1: Great now I’m the chauffer.

(At the helicopter with AK1, Marshall, and Alice.)

AK1: At least there’s one thing could about driving. Hey, where is the captain’s hat?

(Back at the WCC with Paris, who is wearing the captain's hat, and Marcelina.)

Paris: Wow, this hat is awesome. (She speaks into the headset). Hey AK1 are can you here us?

Isabella: Is Marshall there? Tell him I said hi.

Marcelina: Isabella said hi, Marshall

(Cuts to the helicopter and you see Marshall with an uneasy face, then goes back to the WCC.)

Marcelina: You guys are coming up on the desert.

(Cuts back to the helicopter and AK1 is seen having a headache.)

Alice: Are you okay?

AK1: Yeah just a headache

(The group gets closer to the desert and AK1’s headache gets so bad he passes out, and the helicopter starts falling out of the sky.)

Marshall Lee: AK1 GET UP!

(Marshall slaps AK1, and he wakes up right before the helicopter crashes into a pyramid. The group jumps out the helicopter leftovers.)

Marshall: How did we survive that, sometimes I think we are in a cartoon.

(The desert rumbles.)

Alice: Did you hear that?

(A Mongolian Death Worm comes out the sand.)

AK1: MONGOLIAN DEATH WORM! Rob-0 attack mode!

(Rob-0 hops out of AK1’s backpack. Then everyone starts attacking the monster. Eventually the monster goes back into the ground leaving a giant gaping hole and AK1 starts to walk to it.)

Marshall: What are you doing?

AK1: This things about to close we have go in it.

Alice: How do you know that? Is the sun getting to you?

(AK1 continues to walk to the hole then jumps in, then Marshall & Alice follow, right before the hole closes. They eventually land into a tomb.)

AK1: What happened?

Alice: You went all weird on us and jumped into this thing.

AK1: Not trying to avoid an explanation but look behind you.

(Alice and Marshall turn around and see a group of mummies coming towards them.)

Alice: Marshall you and the mummies are all dead so how about you go talk to them

Marshall: Okay. Wazzup bro? How is your afterlife going?

(A mummy bites Marshall on the hand.) Marshall: I see how it’s going to be.

(Marshall punches the mummy in the face knocking of its head, then the rest of the mummies attack. Alice & AK1 run to a dead end.)

AK1: How do we get through this door?

Alice: I don’t know

(The screen cuts to Coley hanging from the ceiling.)

Coley: This is getting boring.

(Coley throws a bomb at the door, and it explodes, but the bomb also starts cracking the ceiling. Coley teleports away.)

AK1: We need to get out of here!

(Marshall breaks out of the mummies that were on him, and runs back to Alice & AK1. They are about to escape but AK1 stops near a box.)

Marshall: AK1 why did you stop, this place is coming down!

AK1: Look this box has my family tree, it turns out I’m not normal at all. I’m only half human my mom has a weird family and look someone had to be here before to add me to it, but why would my family be attached to a desert?

Marshall: You can have a family moment when we get home. LET’S GO!

(The group finds a way out of the tomb right before it collapses. AK1 contacts Paris.)

AK1: Hey can you fly a helicopter out to the desert

(The scene cuts to the WCC)

Paris: (to Marcelina) Do you know how to fly a helicopter?

Marcelina: Nope



  • In the box AK1 finds a necklace, a book and his family tree
  • The reason Coley was there was to get information on Paris
  • The reason AK1 passed out and jumped into the hole was because he is attached to the land
  • AK1 finding out about his family will lead to him unlocking some powers eventually
  • It's implied AK1 is Egyptian in this episode and is also a hybrid