The seen opens with the Wiki Crew chilling in their hangout at Wiki Central City (W.C.C.) with Miles (A.K.A, Adventure King 1 or A.K.1) is obnoxiously narrating out loud on what has been happening over the last few months, while scenes of a destroyed city is seen.

AK1 (Narrating): For the past few months the rain of The Troll King has continued over the land of (Wiki) Ooo has continued. He has killed/banned many of the users/citizens here, including Muck, A Hero Boy Named Finn/J.C., and my sister. No one knows how he got his powers, but we know –

Marceline: What are you doing?

AK1: Narrating, now quite your mouth, I’m thinking of way to get us out of here.

Marshall Lee: You know we can just leave this hole, and pop Troll King in the mouth.

AK1: Because, Mr. Vampire Man there is only six of us, and thousands of them, and I haven’t gone through puberty yet.

Marshall Lee: Yeah, we’ve noticed.

AK1: I don’t like your attitude.

AK1 gets hit in the eye with a paper airplane; Marshall Lee takes it out, unfolds it and begins to read the letter inside.

AK1: (in the background, holding his eye) Oh my god it burns, everything’s going white, God, I think I’m going blind. So, what does the dumb letter say?

Marshall Lee: Well this letter says that our destiny awaits us, whatever that junk is.

AK1: It probably has something do with The Troll King.

Marshall Lee: Not everything has to involve him.

AK1: But, he’s had it out for me the day I came here!

Marshall Lee: Did Andy’s surprise Birthday Party involve him.

Marceline: Guys stop fighting.

AK1: Well I’m just a little ticked that he is winning.

Marcaline: Well don’t get to loud you will wake them up.

AK1: Why do three teenagers need a nap anyway?

A portal open and Paris the Adventurer jumps out with dust on her face. The 2 other teammates (Andy, AKA BNSF1995, and Melissa AKA O o Confused Babe) wake up.

Andy: What’s all screamin’ about. Oh, hey Paris how was your trip. Where are the others?

Paris: It was okay, I kinda blew up a small island, but your sis, and Bella are on their way.

The room starts shaking.

Melyanda: Did you guys feel that.

Paris: (Coughs) It’s probably just my stomach; I had a lot of vanilla pudding last night.

Melyanda: No, not that your stomach always grumbles. I was talking about-

The room shakes again.

Melyanda: -that.

The Doorbell rings.

Mysterious Person: Hello

AK1: Who is it?

Mysterious Person: Um, the maid

Marshall Lee: (Whispering) when did we get a maid?

AK1: (Whispering) we didn’t.

Paris: I’ll get it.

Group: Paris!

Paris: What?

Paris opens the door and a lady dressed as a maid.

AK1: Oh. It is a maid

The maid pulls open her mouth and an army of tiny trolls.

Andy: Poop

The two groups start fighting and then the group is knocked out a window, and Marshall Lee & Marceline catches, the rest.

AK1: Wow, I just saw my life flash before my eyes.

Marshall Lee: What was that, like two seconds?

AK1: What was yours, like two years?

Marceline: Seriously , we almost died up there and we all are still fighting?

AK1: Technically, only for us could of died, you two are already, dead. Anyway she’s right Troll Kings our enemy not each other.

Andy: So, what do we do next?

AK1: I don’t know

A Wiki Contributor pops ups behind AK1

Melyanda: Miles.

AK1: What?

The Wiki Contributor starts to suck out AK1 soul, but the other pull him out of its mouth, but he is covered in slime.

Marshall Lee: Dude, that’s disturbing.

AK1: Rob-o, towel.

Rob-o gives him a towel.

AK1: Thanks, boy. So we definitely-

Paris: Let’s go!

Paris starts to run off and the other run after her.

Marceline: (Running) how do we catch up to her?

Andy: (Running) I know, Paris, cookie!

Paris: (Stops) cookie, where.

AK1: Anyway, your butt move could’ve killed us!

A dark hand grabs him and Paris and throws them down a well.

AK1: I can’t feel my butt parts.

Paris: Butternut squash. How did we survive?

The mystery person comes down the hole.

AK1: What the hay, hay. Dude, you could of killed us by sticking us in this hole

Paris: Uh

AK1: Never mind that, you are-

Mysterious Person: Hush.

AK1: But.

Mysterious Person: Hush.

AK1: But.

Mysterious Person: Hush.

AK1: Okay.

The rest of the group falls down the hole.

Andy: I’m coming guys.

The rest of the group falls on Paris & AK1.

Marshall Lee: Soft landing.

Paris: You, know you guys can float down here.

Marceline: So, anyway why are you guys down here anyway.

MP: I’ll show you. (Yells weirdly)

A bunch people pop out.

Paris: Wow, it’s like a group of weirdoes.

Sky Wizard: We aren’t weirdoes we are the under grounders.

AK1: Which is?

Sky Wizard: Bob, here will take you on a tour.

Bob (Mystery Person): Sup, I’m Bob.

Andy: Wait, got to stretch, first.

Andy, stretch for a while, making various noises

Bob: Are you done.

Andy: Yeah.

Bob: Okay, this THE HOLDING!

AK1: The Holding?

Bob: No, you got to say it like this; THE HOLDING! Any way this is where the resistance hides from the Troll Kings forces. Here is the armory.

Blacksmith: Hey (cuts of his finger) Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Bob: Moving on, here is the mess hall where we eat… food.

Lunch Lady: Hey, you guys want Platypus Soup.

Bob: Let’s get out here. Okay, here is the only good part of the tour is where we meet our leaders, Finn & Jake.

Andy: Finn & Jake? Yes!

The group walks into lit room with Finn & Jake in it.

Finn: Yes, finally we leave this hole, okay here’s the plan, you guys, I’m counting on you guys to get to the Troll King’s castle and take down his forces, and then we step in and pop barf sack in the blow hole.

Jake: You guys got that?

Group: Yep.

Jake: Anyway, I got some of you a present.

A portal opens and Belle, Isabella, and Katie jump out.

Katie: Man, teleporting always gets you dirty for some reason

Andy: Katie! (Goes to hug his sister)

Katie: Andy!

Isabella: Ugh, hairball. Anyway, what did we miss?

Andy: We’ll explain on the way. Let’s go!

The group sets of a journey through the Wiki, fighting various villains along the way in a quick montage with form-fitting music is played in the background, until they finally arrive at the Troll King’s Castle.

AK1: (Breathing heavily), next time we go on a journey can we please carpool.

Melyanda: Okay, let’s go.

The group sneaks behind the wall and enters through the dungeon and sees Wiki Contributors talking.

Wiki Contributor 1: I swear the fungus keeps on spreading, all the way up to my

Wiki Contributor 2: Anyway, why can’t we just suck out the guys souls?

Wiki Contributor 1: Because, Mr. Large & In-Charge wants us to watch them until tomorrow, so he can “do his thing”.

Wiki Contributor 2: So, this fungus is it contagious?

Marshall Lee: No one cares about your fungus.

Wiki Contributor: Oh, lunch is here.

The groups fight until AK1 blows them up, getting goo on everyone.

AK1: Ah, sick, not again.

Marshall Lee sees Fionna & Cake in one of the cages.

Marshall Lee: Guys, I’ll get you two out of here. (Opens lock with his finger).

Fionna: Thanks Marshall.

Marshall Lee: So what happened here?

Fionna: I and Cake were chillin’ at the tree fort win a bunch of trolls attack us, and we were brought here with the other prisoners.

AK1: Okay, this is worse than I thought.

Andy: What do you mean?

AK1: The Troll King must be using his powers to collide Ooo & Aaa so he can destroy everything at once!

Marceline: What?

Marshall Lee: Okay, Fionna you and Cake go get Finn, Jake and the others while we that butt face a lesson.

The group takes off into the castle getting half way up until Duck on Quack sees them.

DoQ: Hey, what are you kids doing here?

Marceline: Using the can. So, can you point us to the Troll King’s “Royal Throne”?

DoQ: It’s just at the top of the place.

Marceline: Okay, let’s get to the top.

The group enters the Throne Room and sees Austin there, talking to his group, Royal Evil.

Austin: So guys what’s up

Court Wizard: Well today we killed 4 cows, destroyed to cities and-

AK1: Hey Austin, long time, no see.

Austin: Ah Man. Guards!

Austin pulls out a dark sword, summons a small army and the two groups starts fighting.

Muck: (Outside the door, hearing the noise) Austin, are you on the toilet again? I just gave you your prune juice an hour ago.

The group has their swords pointed at Austin’s throat, until the castle rumbles and they all look out the window and sees an army of vandals approaching the castle.

Austin: Maybe we should work together?

The group stares at him

AK1: I’ve got a plan.

AK1 runs of with Melyanda running after him. They run out of the castle into a storm and AK1 starts preying or something, summoning the ADMINS.

ADMIN 1: What, do you want? I was watching, this show called Adventure Time, good stuff.

AK1: I need your help.

ADMIN 2: No were too lazy.

ADMIN 1: Yeah, but you can get us the hat of Magic Man.

Melyanda: How do we find it?

ADMIN 2: Um, take this.

Takes a locator out of his pocket and gives it to Melyanda.

AK1: Wait, if you guys have a locator, why can’t you just find it yourself?

ADMIN 1: Bye.

The ADIMINS teleport the two back to the castle.

Marshall Lee: What happened?

AK1: Long story short, we got to find Magic Man’s Hat.

Andy: Oh, that dudes wearing it.

The group looks out the window and sees SCAM LEADER wearing it.

Marceline: Oh butt, that loser.

Austin: Court Wizard, you better go organize the troops.

Court Wizard: But Sir.

Austin: Go get the freaking troops man.

The group of our heroes and Austin’s troop run after SCAM LEADER and attack his army and everyone tries to grab Magic Man’s hat. The group seems to be losing, but a mysterious warrior comes in and knocks the hat of Magic Man’s hat, and an army of Wiki Users appears and join the fight. SCAM LEADER tries to escape, but Marshall grabs him and holds him in the air until he fidgets around and falls into a volcano.

SCAM LEADER: You’ll pay nerds.

The group starts to cheer.

ADMIN 1: Good thing you had are help.

Everyone stares at him. The scene cuts to everyone partying in Austin’s Castle.

AK1: I wonder where that mysterious hero went.

Marshall Lee: I don’t know

Melyanda: Come on guys.

The kids all start partying then the scene cuts to the Mysterious Person outside the house taking of his mask revealing he is J.C.

J.C.: Thanks guys, and I can’t believe I wanted to be a gangsta.