AT:The Wraith of Austin Belt
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The Good Guys:

The Good/Bad Guys:

  • The admins would be like some sorta gangster family, a bit like the mafia. They would be somewhere inbetween good and evil.
  • A Hero Boy Named Finn as: J.C.(deceased)
  • Ak1's sister as:herself(deceased)
  • Thunder King as: Thunder King
  • Alice the Wiz as: herself (joins good guys)
  • Lollipop King as: Himself (betrays good guys,and bad guys,and the trashcan, and the bakteria, and the bad monthy python gag.)

The Bad Guys


The vandals appeared an army of no-lifers and haters of AT set on destroying the most awesome of all wiki's. The trolls, the heroes, the admins and even the anonymous retards, they would all unite to fight off the horde of barbarians. There would be an epic battle and in the end, all the vandals are defeated. They are thrown in a fiery volcano and then the remainder is eaten by dinosaurs and sharks. I would kill the leader of the vandals with a laser beam to the face and then I'd totally get a medal for it. xD Then, all would be well. There would be a great big party in the castle of the Troll King and the Troll Queen (who, of course, wouldn't be blocked anymore because of fighting the vandals) and the actual AT characters would join in the party, (there has to music, and who better to play the music then the band form What Was Missing?).Austin I, King of the Trolls, resides in a large palace with black walls and dark towers with bats flying around it (kind of like Dracula's castle in Transylvania). In it, the Troll King lives with the Troll Queen (Muck). The castle is defended by their "wiki contributor"-minions. Once our brave heroes arrive at the palace, they first have to find a way to enter it. Luckily the Troll King has a brother-in-law who is kind of stupid and retarded, so he can be bribed by Marcaline to open up the gates at nightfall. This way, our valiant knights manage to slip into the castle. Drawing their swords at once, they are about to defeat the castle's guards as an army of vandals is spotted near the gates. The army is so big they cannot defeat it alone - Austin the Troll King decided they should, like, fight together or something. But they still don't have enough people. They need... a diversion! A magical diversion! In the meantime, Adventure King slips out of the castle unseen, on with O o confused babe to get to the Admins. Surely, they much be able to help our heroes? But no, the admins are too lazy. And they want something in return for their help: the hat of Magic Man.

Adventure King:"Why?" Marshal Lee:"Because it's awesome!" to be continued...


The scene opens with the Wiki Crew chilling in their hangout at Wiki Central City (W.C.C.) with Miles (a.k.a, Adventure King 1 or AK1) is obnoxiously narrating out loud on what has been happening over the last few months, while scenes of a destroyed city is seen. Narrator: For the past few months the rain of Austin Belt has continued over the land of Ooo has continued. He has killed many of the citizens here, including Muck, J.C., and my sister. No one knows how he got his powers, but we know –

Marceline: "What are you doing?"

AK1: "Narrating, now quite your mouth, I’m thinking of way to get us out of here."

Marshall Lee: "You know we can just leave this hole, and pop Austin in the mouth."

AK1: "Because, Mr. Vampire Man there is only five of us, and thousands of them, and I haven’t gone through puberty yet."

Marshall Lee: "Yeah, we’ve noticed."

AK1: "I don’t like your attitude."

(AK1 gets hit in the eye with a paper airplane, Marshall Lee takes it out, unfolds it and begins to read the letter inside)

AK1 (in the background, holding his eye): "Oh my Glob it burns, everything’s going white, Glob, I think I’m going blind.


Paris and Isabella's house:

Paris:"Isabella!! C'mon!!"

A black and white cat walked down the stairs

Isabella:" Hold up! Do I have to be a human or cat?"

Paris sighed deeply.

Paris:" A human! We need to see Marshall Lee today."

Isabella:"Okay so what if the Troll King tries to take over the Adventure Time wiki destroys all the users? It's not like they'll kill US too...oh wait-heh heh. Okay let's go..."

Narrator: So Isabella turned into a 13 year old girl human girl. They made sure to bring lots of red candy for Marshal Lee, Marceline, and the wiki gang. They arrived. Most of them were playing a game on a clear tablet

Marceline:" Aww! Marshall!! How did you get in first place already!?!"

Marshall Lee:"Heh heh- I have my ways."

Belle was reading a book on the same chair as Andy the human.

Andy:"Hey Paris! Check out my story! I changed it cause PEOPLE kept flaming me..."

After she read the stories she went to get a tablet and play the same game as Marshal Lee and Marceline. The game was called 'Adventure Cart' Adventure Cart is a racing game where you unlock characters and vehicles and race against other characters. Paris picked Fionna as her character because she missed her sister, Fionna, so much. Her cart was called a Ruby Racer and that's when the race began. She started at 12th when she got a power ring and blasted Ice King, Jake, Prince Gumball, and Tree Trunks. She raced up to 3rd place and dodged a gold sword she ended up in 2nd place at the end of the game.


(Marshall Lee made a Phil face at Marceline because he got 1st place as she got 6th)

Marceline:"I know where you live Marshall Lee, do not underestimate me!!!"

Marceline makes a scary face. The three laughed and Katie (andy's sister) closed her eyes and yelled

Katie:" QUIET!! I am going to take a nap.."

Katie pulled off her dress.(She only wears a bra and pajama shorts for pajamas sooo-)



Katie still took a nap snoring even louder than when Isabella purrs in her sleep. Marshal Lee floated up.

Marshall Lee:"K dudes, so The Troll King and his wife are planning to find us and suck the souls out of us so we can serve they're evil kind!!! The Troll Queen has a devious plan too. Andy heard only the very last part though. So I am just saying until we hear the plan, any one got an idea?"

Paris:"I have one. Isabella and I will sneak into the Troll King's castle in invisibility cloaks"

Isabella:"Let's do this"


Isabella:"is this gonna work!!?!"

Paris:"PFFT! No... Well maybe!? We’ll probably be like--"

Isabella: "SHHH!!! Wiki Contributors!"

A wiki contributor walks by and sees a user near the castle.

Random User: "Hahaha!! Huh whats that- NOOO!! A WIKI CONTRIBUTOR!!"

*The Wiki C sucks the soul from the user and leaves it computer to rot*

Paris: *whispers* That. Is. Sick

Isabella:"Look, the entrance!"

The girls look at the terrible building as they shiver in fear.


*A wiki c slowly walks by craving the users awesome juicy souls. Its blank retarded face looks toward Isabella as she has wide eyes that stare at the castle not blinking a bit.*

The Wiki C sniffs her hair

A Wikia Contributor: shammpooo..

The troll queen stomps out of the building


*The wiki c looks at her stupidly as she smacks it with her dark evil heir (staff, wand, stick, whatever you want to call it)*

Troll Queen:"Lumpin wiki contributor..."

Isabella:"That was close!” she said quietly to Paris

Troll Queen:"Huh...? - Actually, not really..!"

The Troll Queen grasped the invisible arm!

Isabella:"Why the heck did they make us do this!?"

Paris: Foo cats! I'll get you Izzy ok *whispers*


Paris: Guys, Izzy got kidnapped-or should I say... Catnapped...hehehee...Anyways, we have to go get her!! I'll help to get Isabella. The Troll Queen sounds like a wannabe Marceline and it sounds like a big Anyway, I can help to pop her in the mouth."

AK1 and Rob-o came

Andy kept complaining and it HURT Isabella's ears so, cat time. She turned into a cat and attacked his face in a playful way.

Andy:"OKAY OKAY! Jeez cat!" Andy was rubbing his baby soft face.


She stayed a cat and they arrived at the Troll-King's Tower of Horror. A Wiki Contributor flew out of the highest window as the King was shouting angrily


They easily got into the castle and saw several wiki c's marching around. Rob-o gave everyone head gear so they could talk to each other without getting caught. They came to the highest window where they saw a disturbing sight with the king and queen.

Troll-Queen:"Hey! I said no tongue!"

Troll-King:"When are we going to get to 2nd base!?"

The three looked at each other and went farther in that floor. They saw Belle tied in chains and being tortured with a stick. Anonymous comments were above their heads.

A Wikia Contributor 1:"haha! lol this is funny"

A Wikia Contributor 2:"Imma hungry for soulz, yo meet back in 10"

So 5 left and 3 stayed. Andy sent a mental message to his friends

Andy:"okay I have an idea."

Rob-o built Isabella a costume so she looked exactly like a wiki c minion girl. She held up a sign that said" I found sum souls bros outside hrry!! omg theyre so yum!"

All the wiki contributors and Isabella left, so Rob-o and Andy could save Belle. Andy took off the invisible outfit,

Andy:"Belle are you okay, we are gonna save you now"

Belle:"Baby! Oh they are so rude you KNOW what THEY DID!! You better pop that wannabe Marceline in the mouth! Oh sweetie I love--"

Belle was interrupted by the Troll Queen

Troll-Queen:"What the lump girl, you’ve only been here for like, 3 hours, and your already TALKING to YOURSELF! HAHAHA!!!!! Hey how do you think my new outfit looks?"

Belle pretended to be crazy and talk to herself.

Isabella peaked to see the outfit, it looked the exactly the same as Marceline’s.

Isabella:"Oh no you didn't."

Troll-Queen:"Huuhh!!??!! HEY YOU!!!"

This part can only be explained in 2 words...Cat fight. The queen floated behind Isabella and flew a fist at her, but Isabella turned into a cat and clawed her face.


The queen kicked her as Isabella went airborne into the wall. She turned into a girl and popped her in the chin. The queen swung Isabella into the air and into the wall.

Isabella:"Ow. You lumping- wannabe...”

The queen dragged Isabella but Rob-o shot her with a dart gun and saved the girls before anyone knew they were there. Andy was telling Belle how worried he was and again, Isabella was annoyed.

Isabella:"Hey Rob-o can get like, a mini dart gun? That was so freakin' cool bro."

Rob-o gave her a mini dart gun but the Troll King was even more angry and seeked for even MORE revenge. He gathered the wiki contributors and his sick queen and had a evil meeting.

Troll-King:"They must pay for what they have done and I have a great plan."

Marshall Lee couldn't sleep. He knew Austin the troll king was up to something. He wanted to be a hero. He wanted to be a good leader. He wanted to tell Fionna how he felt about her. Marshall Lee would have to wait until the sun came out of the sky. He would tell his group, the bad news.

Austin:"MUUUUCCCKKK!!!! Your brother in law is here!!"

Muck dressed in a grey tank top, blue jeans, and red boots ran to the large black front door. She opened it as an ugly troll man walked in not even greeting his sister (in law) telling her about how stupid these people at the market were. Muck's sister walked in with her kids as they played with their machetes. Austin sighed.

Austin:" What are THEY doing here Muck! You know I ALREADY have a migraine! Gggrrrr...I'll be in the chamber torturing prisoners.."

Muck rolled her eyes at him.

Austin:" I brought them so we could defeat the Adventure Time wiki you LUMPHEAD!! You never listen to me! Duck on Quack is going to help us."

Austin smiled at that. The family called the evil trolls and invited them into the Death Room (meeting room). He had a wicked plan, a plan that would destroy the wiki, and possibly, the world.

Katie woke up and hurried out the door. Then she remembered to put on a shirt and eat breakfast. She hurried again to meet up with Andy and Belle at the WWC. On her way she ran into the Thunder King telling her how excited he was because his cousin, Ice King, had kidnapped a princess to marry. Katie punched him in the face and ran off. Nuclear bombs scattered around in the forest. She ran and finally arrived at the WWC. Katie opened the super secret door and sat a teenager with pale skin and black hair with dark circles under his eyes.

Marshall Lee:"Hello Katie! You’re here early?!"

Paris was lonely and nervous. Isabella went to spend the day with her sisters. In the morning, Sophie and Isabella had worked on an outfit for all the girls in the club. She was nervous because Marshall Lee called early for a serious announcement. Relaxing finally, she thought her cousins could help her out. Paris arrived at their tree fort in Aaa and knocked at the door. No answer. She knocked again. STILL no answer. She came inside(the door was open) and all the lights were off. Furniture on the floor and a note on the back of the door. It read: I have your cousin Paris, come to the castle if you want them alive. And if there are ANY users or cops or any contact with anyone except us, we will kill them. She fell down from shock and shivered. She had to save her family. FIonna, Cake, and Cerimine were the only family she had left after her parents- had passed away in a accident.

Marceline knew the bad news. Austin was going to destroy the world like how humans did before. It was caused from war and hate. She couldn’t let it happen again. Marshall Lee's dad had died that way and her mother too. She was the third person at the WWC. Before her, Katie, and before that, Marshall Lee. Andy and Belle came next but no Paris or Isabella. Rob-o and AK1 came too. Marceline was, scared, but did't show it. She couldn't. Her mother used to tell her to be strong. But that was the past; in the war they called The Mushroom War.

The troll village is a nice little village next to a big hill. On the big hill, the castle of the Troll King and Queen is built. It's actually quite a nice village. Not that trolls are good builders or anything, they just stole it like they steal everything. The previous villagers had either been eaten by the trolls, driven off to the forrest or thrown in the dungeon. Some of them worked in the Royal Kitchens or at the royal swimming pool, as slaves.
{C Anyway, in the troll village, Duck on Quack was being super pissed off.

DoQ:"Who the lump stole my lumping computer?!"

Oksana:"I dunno," she replied with her funny, high-pitched voice, "I guess one of the other trolls did. They steal stuff all the freekkin time."

DoQ:"I see, well, then I better head out to the castle dungeon to annoy the prisoners."

And so he went out to annoy the prisoners by eating their cornflakes and playing really bad music while very, very loudly singing.
{C It was basically just a normal, average day in a troll's life. In fact, it was a pretty lame day, because Austin had only thrown one troll off the tower - he usually threw at least three trolls off the tower.

Then he was called in for the evil plans of the Troll King. Ah, a meeting in the death room, how nice! In the good old days, the trolls used to come up with the craziest ideas in there. Like that one time when they made an old lady believe her house was evil and then they 'helped' her by destroying it. {C Or when they 'spiced-up' the royal tarts of Princess Bubblegum and everyone got ill.

Austin:"But not this time, this time, I have a plan that is far more evil then any other plan I've had before. This time I have a plan that is so lumping evil, people are forever going to say I am the evilest of all Troll Kings."

DoQ:"What is it?"

Then a little bald guy in a velvet robe came walking in, leaning heavily on a crystal staff. He had a wrinkly face, sharp teeth and small red eyes. Definitely one of the creepiest guys the Trolls had ever seen, and that says a lot since trolls aren't particularly known for their good looks.

Austin:"Meet my new court wizard; He is going to help us destroy the wikia and all those super lame, annoying goody two shoes once and for all!"

The troll king then laughed his evil, maniacal laugh as the Court Wizard explained his dark plans to the inner circle of bad guys at the castle.


The only one at the Troll Castle who didn't feel good about the Court Wizard was Muck, the Troll-Queen. She felt she couldn't trust him and had a feeling he would betray them at some point, or give them "a magical surprise", perhaps.

Austin:"Shut up woman and make me a sandwich, while we discuss evil plans and stuff that actually matters!"

Muck:"But... I..."

Austin:"Don't gimme no back talk!"


Austin:"Shush! Make me dinner, I'm hungry. Make us a good troll meal. And make a lot, because Duck on Quack and the Court Wizard are staying over for dinner in the Royal Dining Room of our dark castle."

And so Muck had to go and make dinner while the other trolls where laughing and having fun and throwing minions off the tower, seeing who could throw the farthest. She really wished she had listened better to her mother - she told her Austin was bad news right from the beginning, but Muck married him anyway.
Her mother had said 'even Duck on Quack is a better husband then he is'. And of course, it was common knowledge in the Troll Kingdom his previous marriages hadn't ended well. His first wife had been beautiful, but very lazy. {C}{C So on a hunting trip, Austin had accidentally forgotten about her, and she had been eaten by Why Wolves. His second wife was equally pretty, but very dull. So he got bored with her, convinced her she could fly and made her jump off a cliff. Now she had to cook, and without the help of the kitchen slaves - Austin had sent them away to do useless tasks, just to annoy Muck. Austin's marriages never lasted more then six months.
Destined to keep him happy and last longer then the previous queens, the Troll Queen went to work. If only there would be a way out of this castle, she thought to herself...

At the same moment, our valiant heroes where in a tree on the lookout, observing the Troll Castle from a safe distance.

Marshall Lee:"Can you see anything, Adventure King?"

Ak1:"Yeah, totally..."

Marshall Lee: "What do you see?"

Ak1:"The Trolls are throwing minions over the balcony of the tower. There is one weird new guy, looks like a magician. He has a velvet robe and a staff."

Marshall Lee:"Oh my glob, that's a bad sign! We better tell the others,"

Ak1:"You go ahead and tell them. I'm staying here and observing them a little bit more."

Marshall Lee:"Why?"

Ak1:"I wanna see who wins the minion-throwing," said Adventure King.

Marshall Lee:"Haha, my money is on that new magical dude!"

He jumped out of tree and flew off - because that's what vampires do.

(Scene changes to WCC)

Katie: So, how did an island blow up?

Isabella: Well, it’s a LOONNG story..

Katie: Izzy! C'mon!

Andy: Yea c'mon Izzy...

Isabella: Fine, but you owe me a can of tuna..This is what Paris told me..

AT DOQ'S SECRET TOWER: (well the article is where it takes place...) or WWC...

She pulled the lever. As it creaked, more water added to the tank."Noo! Not the maroon lever! The marroony-purple lever!" said Fionna. She and Cake were in the tank and Duck on Quack (DOQ) was going to return in just a while. Paris was frustrated."THEY ALL LOOK THE SAME!" she yelled. Cake streched to the top, with hardly any space." Shh Parris! DOQ might hear you hun!" she whispered to Paris. She soon saw a purple lever with faded maroon color and pulled that one. It added only a little bit of room, that only Cake could fit into. "Fionna, I'll meet you out, my tail can sense where that little key is. Don’t you worry Fionna!!" She shrunk but DOQ had already returned. He swung at Paris calling her a --- well, not suitable name, but dodged. She kicked him in the back of the legs as he feel down. He flipped over and punched Paris in the stomach "Ow!! Poo Brain!!" She then grabbed his arms, jumped off his chest, and landed on his fat ugly face. DOQ grasped her legs and dragged her until Marshall Lee came through the portal and bit his face, as he fell down like a bird that was just shot with a BB gun."We--are-uh gonna get the key. I'll leave you too alone." Cake and Paris went to get the keys. Marshall looked at Fionna kicking her legs up and down in the water. "Hey Fionna, so I'll uh-shrink into a bat and-umm--drag you out somehow. Oh wait I know what to do. Oh Fionna-you-you are my best friend I've been thinking and well-I-I Want to----"DOQ stood up and stabbed him in the neck and stuck him in the tank with her."MARSHALL!!!!!!!!!!!" Fionna screamed.

Paris and Cake lurked around the tower looking keys that could save Fionna.

Cake: Maybe, Lollipop King has 'em, y’all know how he’s always disrespecting Mr. Troll King..

Paris: Aw I HATE him! He almost ate me once..He chained me to a silver platter and served me to SCAM LEADER, Austin, and Muck....He even put a bandana on my mouth!!And then-


Paris : Awww cute!! Why are their eyes red.....?

(Duck 1 snarls and runs towards Cake. Paris kicks it into Duck 2 which makes Duck 3 and 6 mad..3 and 6 attack her face and Cake turns into a net (picks them up) and then a fly swatter (throws them) and they crash into a wall.)

Cake: Don't you TOUCH HER!!!!!!!!!!

Paris laughs and picks up a pebble to throw at Duck 4 if he goes NEAR Cake.

Cake: Thanks sistaa lets find that little booger...

Suddenly, the ducks mother, a goose with red eyes and sharp fangs, comes out a small pond.

Mother Goose: We will destroy you all, your vampire friend, and sister will fall.

Paris: Do ALLL gooses rhyme?

Mother Goose: No you imbecile, your brain must not have a soul!!

Cake turns into a mace, which Paris grabs a smacks against M.G's neck and wing.

M.J(mother goose): My husband is DoQ, your doom is the beggining ,only new..

She disappears and they hear a scream. Fionna. "MARSHALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Then, that was when SCAM LEADER, lollipop king, and a beaten up DoQ cornered the confused girls.

Lollipop King: Nice to see you again. PARIS.

Isabella: Then, we came in a portal, and woo, it was crazy.

Isabella and AK1 enter the portal and bomb the tank.

AK1: Rob-o says these are very handy at times..

The tank spills with blood, tears, and water..Fionna and a passed out bleeding Marshal Lee layed on the ground.

Isabella: Ummm did you try CPR?I know CPR...heheehe..

AK1 punches Marshall in the stomach and he spits water right in Isabella’s face.

Isabella: That was STILL attractive. Hahaha....

Paris and Cake run out and SL (SCAM LEADER) shoves AK1 with his glittery pink cane which makes him drop his bag full of explosions. Cake grows enormous and EVERYONE (even the vandals) climb on her into the last open portal which blows up the WHOLE ENTIER ISLAND.

Isabella: The End.

Katie and Andy both have no expression and Andy takes out his hidden ear buds.

Andy: I'm sorry, what were you saying?



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  • After early production, Marcaline's name was changed to Marceline.
  • In this episode, the Lands of Ooo and Aaa are colided.
  • In this episode, some new AT characters coming up.
  • Users are creating stories to put in the story.
  • The series, AT: What Time is It?, is based off this movie.